Rookie Draft


Majority voted for a rookie draft this year, so we have to implement something. Here are the options we have. 1) Worst 4 teams draft 1st Pick - 25$ (or whatever we decide) 2nd Pick - 20$ 3rd Pick - 15$ 4th pick - 10$ You can pass. 2) All teams Draft 3 rounds 1st round - 20$ 2nd round - 12$ 3rd round - 5$ You can pass. 3) All teams draft Start at 23$, every pick goes down 2$ until we reach 5$. If you take a guy you drop to the end of the order. (Jenkins, what if no one drafts anyone? Does the draft end?) 4) Some other option Also, too make life easier for the commish, why don't we implement the "No drop" list feature some leagues use. But instead of no drop, its no slaary change. So basically the top 10 or 15 guys at each position keep their salary. Everyone else, if dropped from a team, goes to 5$regardless of what they were drafted at or added for in free agent auctions. Thoughts?

Week 7 Recap


Week 7 Recap is here! Pat Martin is probably so happy!

Week 6 Recap


We are through 6 weeks in the BOMP League. Two teams are 5-1, 1 team is 3-3, 7 teams ae 2-4??? about parity...or bad drafting...

Week 5 Recap


Another week of football is in the books. Check out who the winners and losers were.

Waiver Wire Wednesday - Charcanacandrick West Edition


Complete and utter madness has unfolded this Wednesday in the BOMP League.

Week 4 Recap and Early Season Reviews


We are 4 weeks into the BOMP season. Check out last weeks action and see how all 10 teams stand after 4 games.

Week 3 Recap


Week 3, just like the Pope, has come and gone. Check out the action from around the league.